Company Formation

Company Formation

Start operating in a very short time under Cyprus regime and benefit from the significant advantages Cyprus has to offer. 


A Cyprus Company can serve a diverse range of purposes, and when structured correctly, it offers a tax-efficient means to engage in international business activities. Moreover, Cyprus operates under a legal system grounded in UK Common Law principles, aligning seamlessly with EU laws and regulations. Specifically, Cyprus Company Law, Chapter 113, is rooted in the English Act of 1948.

Among the various options for Cyprus company formation, the private limited by shares company stands out as the most popular choice. This structure, as a limited liability company, limits shareholders' liability to the extent of the value of their shares. Cyprus companies are often regarded as highly advantageous for international business entities, particularly those involved in investment and asset holding.

To ascertain whether a Cyprus company formation aligns with your objectives, strategy, and corporate goals, we encourage you to read on.


Why Cyprus

Discover the allure of Cyprus for company formation, with its strategic location, favorable tax incentives, and EU membership, making it an ideal choice for international businesses.

Residency Program

Explore the Cyprus Residency Program, offering non-EU nationals a pathway to permanent residency, visa-free travel, and the right to reside in this European gem.

Business Relocation

Learn about the seamless process of relocating your business to Cyprus, where you can benefit from a thriving economy, strategic location, and exceptional quality of life.

Company Requirements

Uncover the essential prerequisites for Cyprus company formation, from unique business names to documentation, ensuring a smooth and lawful establishment.

Company Structure

Understand the various company structures available in Cyprus, including private limited by shares companies, providing insights into liability and operational benefits.

The Procedure

Navigate the step-by-step procedure for Cyprus company formation, from name selection to submission, and secure a unique registration number and essential certificates.


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