International Taxation

International Taxation

At our firm, our tax experts are well-equipped to guide you in the most tax-efficient ways to achieve your international business objectives.

We offer valuable insights for minimizing corporate taxes by identifying opportunities that align with your business objectives. Leveraging the advantages of Cyprus's Double Tax Treaties, we create efficient tax structures that help optimize your tax liabilities. Whether your business operates in real estate, generates royalty income, engages in investments, or involves international trusts, we tailor our tax planning to suit your specific needs.

Our advisory also extends to evaluating the tax implications of proposed transactions and providing assistance with tax considerations in the case of new acquisitions or reorganizations, as well as mergers and acquisitions. We delve into the nuances of substance and physical presence to ensure tax compliance. Additionally, we offer support for companies looking to redomicile to Cyprus and help in obtaining rulings from the Cyprus Tax Authorities. Our comprehensive tax planning services are designed to address the multifaceted tax challenges businesses face in the international arena, ensuring you maintain financial efficiency and compliance.

Cyprus stands out as an attractive destination for international taxation due to its unique combination of tax advantages. With the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union and a zero holding company tax regime, it offers a highly competitive business environment. This, coupled with a favorable VAT rate and an extensive network of double tax treaties, positions Cyprus as a success story in international taxation.

Cyprus' appeal as an investment vehicle extends to both EU inbound and outbound investments. The versatility of the Cypriot tax environment accommodates a wide range of investment activities. While there are no limitations, certain investment activities find an ideal fit in the Cyprus tax landscape. These include holding companies, finance companies, royalty companies, investment funds, private collective investment schemes, financial services companies, and head office operations.


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