Fiduciary Services

If you are looking to secure your assets, optimize your wealth, and benefit from favorable tax arrangements, our fiduciary services are tailored to meet your specific needs.


A fiduciary is an individual who has undertaken to act on behalf of another party in a specific matter, establishing a relationship founded on trust and confidence. This fiduciary relationship is characterized by principles such as good faith, loyalty, and trust, with its etymology tracing back to the Latin word "fides," which means faith.

At YMF Associates, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive fiduciary services as an integral part of our commitment. Our offerings encompass a range of essential services, including nominee services for shareholders, directors, secretaries, and registered addresses, legal support for document issuance and legalization, accounting and taxation support, as well as assistance in opening and maintaining bank accounts. Additionally, we provide secretarial services and office support to facilitate smooth business operations.

It's important to note that utilizing nominee services does not jeopardize your actual ownership or control over the company. You remain the registered owner and beneficiary of your company, and legal safeguards are in place to protect your interests and define the obligations of the nominee. Nominee services are particularly beneficial for fulfilling legal requirements, establishing management and control of a Cyprus company to secure tax resident status, and acting on your behalf during the company's registration and bank account setup. They also offer a valuable layer of confidentiality and anonymity when needed.

Our offices are equipped to provide nominee shareholders, directors, secretaries (both corporate entities and individuals), and registered addresses in Cyprus. Furthermore, as a recognized introducer by several reputable Cyprus-based banks, we have the capacity to arrange a spectrum of financial services, including corporate and personal accounts, online and internet banking, credit/debit cards, loans, deposits, investment in bank products, and assistance with letters of credit and letters of guarantee. Our fiduciary services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients and ensure their peace of mind when conducting business in Cyprus.


Our consultants are standing by to discuss your requirements and make sure to help you choose the best solution for your needs
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